Our team

Our Team

It is a known fact that no company can function without a good team and this applies to us also. But we don't have a good team, we have an excellent team.

Being a school, we have responsibility towards our students. We have taken an oath to create a bright future for them and the most important part is teaching. Without expert teachers, it is virtually impossible to complete this responsibility. An overall development is necessary to make someone's career. By teaching them only software or tools, we will be creating only computer operators and not experts in the respective arena. Personality Development, Soft Skills, Imagination, Visualization are some of the key factors that makes one an expert. A number of good teachers approached us but we actually wanted GURUS and not faculties. We kept on searching till we found real gurus who consider students as their own children and are dedicated to create their career. This is a Dream Team and having this type of team is every school's dream. We are lucky enough to have one. Let's introduce you to our team.

Here is our team.