Interior Design

In the recent years, India has gone through significant changes- regarding lifestyle, employment and migration from one place to another. Indians are now getting fast-paced and are developing a taste for high-end lifestyle. A good lifestyle starts with a well-designed home, and Indians nowadays like their homes to be luxurious and comfortable. This is a reason why there is a rapid growth in the interior design industry in India.

There’s a very good reason why India has been earmarked as becoming the world’s third largest construction market by 2030: the sheer volume of building work going on. From tip to toe, new homes, office blocks, essential infrastructure upgrades, and more, are under construction. In residential construction alone, over 11 million homes are expected to be built by 2025.That means the interiors market is expanding at a rapid rate.

Rapid urbanization in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. has changed the Indian lifestyle drastically. There is also a noticeable growth in the income & purchasing power of the Indians and the home ownership rates. This is the reason now many Indians spend more on the interior design of their homes to make them unique, well equipped, and sophisticated.

Things like a separate shower unit, bathtubs, exclusive space for a kitchen balcony, kitchen chimneys which were never popular for the apartments before, are very commonly seen these days in many apartments. This growing urge of a top-notch lifestyle has fueled the interior decor industry in the past years.

Indians, especially the youth are very keen and choosy as homeowners. Moreover, thanks to the booming entertainment and fashion industry, they are also experiencing an influence of different cultures and lifestyles. They travel to many places, work with people of different nationalities, cultures, and love to reflect the fusion and versatility in their interior design.

Although there is an upsurge of influence from different countries in the Indian way of life, still Indians never wish to entirely replicate anything. People love to give their spaces an indigenous and unique touch. Also, different homes need different things, so the trend of customizing everything right from the design, decor and the furniture, is growing these days. The use of standard furniture is on a decline.

Also, several people are developing an interest in choosing theme-based designs for their homes or commercial spaces. Myriad of themes like the Mediterranean Style, the European Style, the Ethnic Indian Style of Design and Decor are getting common these days.

All these developmental trends and lifestyle changes with Indians are leading to a remarkable growth of the interior design industry in India. From the past few years, the industry has been expanding by 30-40%.

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